Say No To The Police State

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After a brief hiatus, United in Flow is back in full swing as we approach the release of our newest record “Say No To the Police State”. We are now actively on the look-out for talented MCs in the community to be featured on this upcoming release. The project focuses on the growing trend of police brutality and the misuse of power in our city. After serious discussion we at United in Flow felt it was vital that we seriously question whether our police can be trusted to bring peace and order to our society. Furthermore, we decided it was necessary to call them on the fact that they often bring their own element of chaos and injustice to our world.

The concept for “Say No To The Police State” developed as we encountered more and more stories of police abusing power in our city. We encountered these stories both in the news but also an increasing amount of these stories seemed to be emerging in our own circles. As for the stories that hit close to home – a former Intern of Euphonic Sound was detained and unjustly beat by the police outside one of our shows at Club XS. It was an ungrounded assault and left our friend injured and demoralized.

I was personally affected by the misconduct of the OPP. In May, while walking down Dufferin St. on a late night I was approached and told I was a criminal at large. When I protested my detainment they retorted “You know why we’re here”. I was then shoved around by 3 cops, handcuffed and driven from downtown Toronto to a police station in Durham because of my resemblance to a potential suspect in that region. The police officers threatened to crack my skull on the pavement, all in a dramatic arrest where they did not even read me my rights or inform me what I was suspect for. In Durham, I was immediately released when quickly became apparent to the detectives leading the case that I was not the suspect – I merely shared the same last name and was a young male with a shaved head.

These two examples are only a small fraction of the injustices that are occurring everyday in the city of Toronto. “Say No To the Police State”, is the opportunity for the urban community to speak out against this growing concern. With this compilation United in Flow will provide a platform where our artistic and political views can be brought together and heard across the city.

To be considered for a spot on – United in Flow – “Say No To the Police State”, hit us up at Please include a short bio, up to 2 songs, and a brief description of what you would want to say in your verse were you given the opportunity to be featured on the compilation.



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Mindbender interviews UIF May 10th headliner Sinotra!

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Mindbender Supreme Presents: United In Flow Monthly Showcase

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Whats up everyone?
Its that time again! Time for what you ask? Time for the biggest hip hop showcase to hit Toronto every month! Tuesday May 10th, Toronto Hip Hop Legend Mindbender Supreme Presents: United In Flow’s Monthly Showcase! Featuring some of the hottest hip hop talent in Toronto and the GTA! Performers include: Travis Blackman, Thrust, Sinotra and Conspiracy! And as always, your boy Mindbender Supreme will be hittin the stage! Doors Open @ 9, Show Starts @ 10. THIS IS A 19+ SHOW! I.D. IS REQUIRED. Please bring the I.D. or else you wont be able to get in!
Make Sure to come check out Toronto’s hottest hip hop show, United In Flow Monthly Showcase!!


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United in Flow April Showcase Recap!

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Hey guys! The show on April 5th was dope and probably one of the best shows to date! If you missed out on it, here’s a recap video of all the performers that played that night:

Thanks Again to all the performers who played that night! Make sure to stay posted for more info on the next United in Flow Show! Trust me when i say, THIS show, is gonna be big! Stay Tuned…..

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Raising Voices Festival presented by UNITY Charity

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Whats up everyone? We need your help guys! Unity Charity is holding their annual Raising Voices Festival This July! And this weekend, Auditions are being held for the event! We need you guys to spread the word about this event and about the auditions! Check the poster for more info:

Here’s some more info about unity charity:

UNITY Charity is an Arts Based Alternative Education Organization for Youth. UNITY engages youth ages 10 to 18 by implementing school and community programs helping youth express their stress and develop skills for success. UNITY empowers youth to make better choices as leaders, mentors and positive community role models leading to more productive citizens, safer schools, and healthier communities.

Please spread the word as this event is really helping out the Toronto youth community!!

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United In Flow Showcase @ Sneaky Dee’s April 5th

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Celebrating The World Of Hip Hop!
United In Flow is back at it again!
On April 5th we are hosting our 3rd Showcase at Sneaky Dees!
If you missed us last time, here’s your chance to see what Toronto Hip Hop is all About! Come and check out awesome performers like:


Be There On April 5th. You won’t regret it!

Check out the Facebook Page HERE
Click HERE to invite yourself to the event!

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United In Flow Sneaky Dee’s Showcase March 1st!

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Celebrating The World Of Hip Hop!
United In Flow Presents its 2nd Monthly showcase @ Sneaky Dee’s ! Come join us as we showcase some of the best up and coming rappers in the Toronto hip hop community!

Headlining will be Juno Award nominee D Sisive, and Toronto hip hop legend Mindbender Supreme!

Also Performing: Oneoak, Duke Buzzy, Linx, and Solid Mas

Be there on March 1st as this show is going to be off the charts! If you thought our last show was dope, you haven’t seen nothing yet!

Join The Facebook Page Here

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United in Flow Beat Producer Search

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Beats must be 100% original (no samples please).

United in Flow, Toronto’s socially conscious hip hop movement lead by producer James Pew of Euphonic Sound Recording Studio, is looking for talented independent Canadian beat producers to collaborate on the upcoming United in Flow project called United in Flow: Say No To The Police State. This initiative is in partnership with the grass roots indie music organization Canadian Indie Movement. Beat producers interested in participating must first create a profile on the C.I.M social network. Submissions will also take place on C.I.M.

Once your C.I.M. profile is created, upload the beat (please only one beat per producer) you wish to submit to the United in Flow beat producers search. Hit up the United in Flow C.I.M. profile with a friend request, then send us a message (through the C.I.M. network) letting us know the name of the beat we should listen to on your C.I.M. profile.

For more information email Deadline for submission is March 15, 2011.

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United In Flow January 2011 Showcase

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The first United In Flow is on January 25th at Sneaky Dee’s, and it’s shaping up to be a night of heated performances from some of Toronto’s best hip hop talent, including Toronto’s own Mindbender Supreme.

The first showcase takes place @ 9:00 pm and features the following artists.

The January 2011 United In Flow Showcase is also a video release party for Mindbender Supreme’s newest track “Reset Button”, so you know it’s gonna to be off the hook.

Make sure you check out our partner sites below. Without them, the 2011 showcases wouldn’t be possible.

Euphonic Sound Recording Studio
Broken Window Records

United In Flow is Toronto’s socially conscious hip hop movement, providing an outlet for creativity, unity and collaboration throughout the hip hop community. Visit one of the United In Flow showcases this year to meet the team, the artists, and to become a bigger part of the UIF Community. For more information on performing, or to learn more about United In Flow, email and visit our Event Page on Facebook right here.

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ROUNDUP: United in Flow

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Hey. It’s Nuke’m again. In case you ain’t heard yet, United in Flow: Episode 1 (Not even asking; that’s what I’m calling it now) was an unequivocal success. No jokes. I haven’t seen a crowd respond like that in years. Crowd response at Rock the Bells Toronto 2009 looks like a zombie walk next to this.

All respect due to RtB & the artists who performed their guts out of course.

The day started up on an inauspicious note. Knowing that the United in Flow CD was central to the event, you can imagine our unease when the day arrived and the 1000 CDs had not yet been delivered. We had to get to Club XS for 4PM.

Our replicator got em to the studio at 3:30. That’s how close it was.

But you know you’re doing something good when it seems to be going wrong. Or that’s what my mother always told me anyway.

Can’t speak for everybody, but I’m not susceptible to “stage fright.” But I’d never done anything on this kind of scale before, and the last few years have humbled me some. With that in mind, I was nervous as a hemophiliac sushi chef with a seafood allergy. Never collaborated on this level, and hadn’t been in front of a crowd like that in years.

Let me tell you something. Collaboration is key. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results of this thing. I hurt like hell for the whole next day, and it was 100% worth it.

Can’t go any further without showing the utmost respect for everybody that came out and showed us love.

The Performers: Mindbender Supreme, Mic Boogie, Brownman, CDH Live, Nicole Henry, Big Spesh K, Robbie G, SP Buck 50 & Checkz, Jane from Finch, Dustin Wareham, D-Minus, D-Bonez, Trace Motivate, White Fang, Mikey “Piecez” Prosserman and the Unity Dancers, the Happy Feet Jerkz, KrNfX, Scott Jackson, Peezo Bixby, Tayyab “Acidflow” Pirzada, Waiko, Heat, Musaa, Marsonist, Prince Ceej and Broken Window’s own TroNic, Chadwick & Truth… Thank you.

The Staff: Not just the bartenders & security (who BTW were plain cool as hell) or the sound men (Billy and Andrew, you made us sound great), but the crew from Euphonic Sound – Producer James Pew (the Brain & Ears), Shawn Daley (chief engineer & capturer of vocal awesomeness), Heather Garand (PR and lots of leg-work), Sean Sirianni (the eyes of the night – watch for his footage), Roman Melnik, Connor Osbourne, Emma McKee, Phil Newman, Jenna Wood (all the visual promo stuff was her domain alone), and everybody who sat for the door or the merch table… Thank you.

The Partners: Euphonic Sound, Unity Charity, King of the Dot, SpeakOut Poetry, Beatbox Canada, Grassroots, Club XS, Freddy Gabrsek, and anybody else I didn’t hear about… Thank you.

The Audience: It ain’t but rehearsal til somebody’s listening. The energy from the crowd was 100% positive, and that’s a rare and crazy thing. Thank you.

Also big ups to the Canadian Indie Movement for promotion and showin love. You all need to check them out too, BTW. If you’re an independent Hip-Hop-Head, this is where you get your fix at. If you’re an independent artist, this is where you find the community you been looking for.

Looking forward to doing it bigger and louder next year.


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