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Say No To The Police State

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After a brief hiatus, United in Flow is back in full swing as we approach the release of our newest record “Say No To the Police State”. We are now actively on the look-out for talented MCs in the community to be featured on this upcoming release. The project focuses on the growing [...]

Mindbender interviews UIF May 10th headliner Sinotra!

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Mindbender Supreme Presents: United In Flow Monthly Showcase

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Whats up everyone?
Its that time again! Time for what you ask? Time for the biggest hip hop showcase to hit Toronto every month! Tuesday May 10th, Toronto Hip Hop Legend Mindbender Supreme Presents: United In Flow’s Monthly Showcase! Featuring some of the hottest hip hop talent in Toronto and the GTA! Performers include: Thrust, Conspiracy! [...]

United in Flow April Showcase Recap!

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Hey guys! The show on April 5th was dope and probably one of the best shows to date! If you missed out on it, here’s a recap video of all the performers that played that night:

Thanks Again to all the performers who played that night! Make sure to stay posted for more info on the [...]

Raising Voices Festival presented by UNITY Charity

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Whats up everyone? We need your help guys! Unity Charity is holding their annual Raising Voices Festival This July! And this weekend, Auditions are being held for the event! We need you guys to spread the word about this event and about the auditions! Check the poster for more info:

Here’s some more info about unity [...]

United in Flow Beat Producer Search

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Beats must be 100% original (no samples please).

United in Flow, Toronto’s socially conscious hip hop movement lead by producer James Pew of Euphonic Sound Recording Studio, is looking for talented independent Canadian beat producers to collaborate on the upcoming United in Flow project called United in Flow: Say No To The Police State. [...]

ROUNDUP: United in Flow

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Hey. It’s Nuke’m again. In case you ain’t heard yet, United in Flow: Episode 1 (Not even asking; that’s what I’m calling it now) was an unequivocal success. No jokes. I haven’t seen a crowd respond like that in years. Crowd response at Rock the Bells Toronto 2009 looks like a [...]

International Flavor

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Racing towards the finish line people. 2 days until the groundbreaking 1st annual United In Flow showcase drops on Toronto. (Oh yeah, and one of the best mixtapes to ever come out of the underground hits too!)
In the spirit of international flavor, which is one thing the Toronto hip hop scene knows all too well, [...]

What Makes Us United Part 4

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FAM! The show is in 2 days! So just before we drop sound bombs on Toronto, we will drop knowledge on the internet with the last video in the “What Makes Us United” Series. The story of United In Flow. Peep and share. Oh yeah, and come to the show.

Find us on Twitter and Facebook [...]

5 days left!

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Hey everyone! Only 5 days left until the really big show! I know you are all sitting at home counting the hours, and because United In Flow is a benevolent sort of thing, we are going to provide you with yet another mini video documentary to keep you entertained. Watch the tracking session with D-Minus [...]

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