After a brief hiatus, United in Flow is back in full swing as we approach the release of our newest record “Say No To the Police State”. We are now actively on the look-out for talented MCs in the community to be featured on this upcoming release. The project focuses on the growing trend of police brutality and the misuse of power in our city. After serious discussion we at United in Flow felt it was vital that we seriously question whether our police can be trusted to bring peace and order to our society. Furthermore, we decided it was necessary to call them on the fact that they often bring their own element of chaos and injustice to our world.

The concept for “Say No To The Police State” developed as we encountered more and more stories of police abusing power in our city. We encountered these stories both in the news but also an increasing amount of these stories seemed to be emerging in our own circles. As for the stories that hit close to home – a former Intern of Euphonic Sound was detained and unjustly beat by the police outside one of our shows at Club XS. It was an ungrounded assault and left our friend injured and demoralized.

I was personally affected by the misconduct of the OPP. In May, while walking down Dufferin St. on a late night I was approached and told I was a criminal at large. When I protested my detainment they retorted “You know why we’re here”. I was then shoved around by 3 cops, handcuffed and driven from downtown Toronto to a police station in Durham because of my resemblance to a potential suspect in that region. The police officers threatened to crack my skull on the pavement, all in a dramatic arrest where they did not even read me my rights or inform me what I was suspect for. In Durham, I was immediately released when quickly became apparent to the detectives leading the case that I was not the suspect – I merely shared the same last name and was a young male with a shaved head.

These two examples are only a small fraction of the injustices that are occurring everyday in the city of Toronto. “Say No To the Police State”, is the opportunity for the urban community to speak out against this growing concern. With this compilation United in Flow will provide a platform where our artistic and political views can be brought together and heard across the city.

To be considered for a spot on – United in Flow – “Say No To the Police State”, hit us up at Please include a short bio, up to 2 songs, and a brief description of what you would want to say in your verse were you given the opportunity to be featured on the compilation.