IMPORTANT NOTE: Beats must be 100% original (no samples please).

United in Flow, Toronto’s socially conscious hip hop movement lead by producer James Pew of Euphonic Sound Recording Studio, is looking for talented independent Canadian beat producers to collaborate on the upcoming United in Flow project called United in Flow: Say No To The Police State. This initiative is in partnership with the grass roots indie music organization Canadian Indie Movement. Beat producers interested in participating must first create a profile on the C.I.M social network. Submissions will also take place on C.I.M.

Once your C.I.M. profile is created, upload the beat (please only one beat per producer) you wish to submit to the United in Flow beat producers search. Hit up the United in Flow C.I.M. profile with a friend request, then send us a message (through the C.I.M. network) letting us know the name of the beat we should listen to on your C.I.M. profile.

For more information email Deadline for submission is March 15, 2011.